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Benefits of buying a house

Posted by dany345 on September 17, 2015
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With the real estate prices soaring with each passing day, everyone has just one question in their mind, €Should I buy or rent a property?’The more you delve into the question, the more unanswerable it seems to be. Mentioned below are some reasons as to why buying a property is an intelligent thing to do.

1.Your future is bright –
If you own a property, you have a share in the market. You don’t have to worry about paying monthly rentals to a landlord. Once your loans are cleared off, you are the owner of your house. There’s no one standing behind you to monitor your life. Moreover, the price of your house may shoot up and so you can sell it to gather money for any of your future endeavors such as your kid’s marriage, an impending dream and so on. Even if the prices of your house get low, you have nothing to lose as you own the property.

2.You have complete freedom –
Considering that your apartment in Dubai is not a rented one, you get complete freedom to do anything to your house. Right from using wallpapers to attaching an extra cabinet, you can design your house as you please. There’s no one who’s constantly telling you what to do. This can be a very different experience and you will feel like the leader of your own dreams especially if you’ve had a very bad prior experience with your landlord. So the next time your little kid draws some stuff on the walls of your house, there’ll be no one to catch hold of you, as you are the master here. Right from the curtains to the number of things you place in your house, it’s completely your property and so you can do as you want.

3.You become more disciplined in life –
If you’ve been spending a lot of money for no proper reason, then buying a new house is the best way to become more proactive towards life. You will learn how to manage all your money optimally as buying your own house is the first step towards developing financial discipline.

4.You get to be a part of a growing community –
When you buy and stay at a house for a long time, you are bound to feel more comfortable with the surroundings as time passes by. You will get acquainted with all sorts of local events, schools and other areas that will make you a part of the community in that particular place.